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Terraquest Environmental Consultants, P.C. personnel have been providing quality environmental services to commercial clients for over 25 years. Some of our clients include realtors, brokers, banks, local and state government agencies, oil companies, and manufacturing facilities.

All work performed by Terraquest is under the supervision of geologists licensed to practice in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. In addition, Terraquest is a licensed engineering firm in North Carolina. Engineering services are performed out of our Cary, NC office location. Please contact us regarding work in other states. All drilling is performed by a licensed driller. Information regarding Terraquest personnel and our specific qualifications can be found in the Download Brochures section (see Statement of Qualifications @1.7MB). Engineering design services are provided by licensed engineers in appropriate fields of practice.

Some of our primary commercial assessment services include:

Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments / Audits

Phase I and II environmental site assessments are typically conducted during real estate transactions for either the buyer or seller. The purpose of conducting the assessment is to determine if there are any recognized environmental conditions that may create a future environmental liability. All work is performed to the appropriate regulatory standards by trained personnel.

Aboveground and Underground Storage Tank Closure

Federal and State regulations and an increasing public awareness of environmental impacts from leaking aboveground and underground storage tanks have resulted in the need for specific expertise in petroleum storage tank assessment and remediation. Terraquest has extensive experience in the closure of storage tanks containing petroleum products and the subsequent assessment and remediation of petroleum impacted soil and groundwater.

Hydrogeological Investigations

Terraquest provides soil and groundwater assessment services to determine site suitability and assess potential contaminant sources. These services are utilized primarily to evaluate potential landfill sites and conduct soil and groundwater studies of properties contaminated with heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorinated solvents, and other hazardous wastes.


Terraquest works with local commercial real estate developers and the North Carolina Division of Waste Management – Brownfields Program to develop properties that would otherwise be unused due to potential contamination concerns. These properties are commonly referred to as Brownfields. A “Brownfields site” is an abandoned, idled, or underused property where the threat of environmental contamination has hindered its redevelopment. The goal of a Brownfields agreement is to allow the underused property to have a productive use rather than building in a greenspace or undeveloped area and contributing to urban sprawl.

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